Zombie Bathroom

Project Dream Book: Zombie Bathroom

I was on holiday with my family over summer. While I was on this holiday in the dream I went for a shower. Stepping into the shower, I noticed a hand coming out of the drain. As bizarre as it was I dismissed it out of fear and went into the second bathroom at the other side of the apartment.

Peeling back the curtain, there was a real human foot this time with part of the leg hanging out of this tiny bathroom drain which for some reason was on the bottom of the wall instead of directly in the floor.

The foot almost looked as though it could be from the same person. I remember thinking ‘This can’t be right’ and so I gave the foot a little tickle – and it flinch – and I flinched. The leg slid back into the drain only to reveal a hideous lumbering completely hairless naked man hiding inside the drain, almost like the opening scene of the recent 2017 film ‘IT’.

The man made no sound but stared right at me. Immediately he reached his hand through and started climbing out of this tiny hole. I ran out into the lounge and shouted for my family – “There’s a naked man in the shower!”. It was at this point I realised I was dreaming. I looked back through the cracks in the doorframe only to see the numerous grotesque naked people shifting towards the door at a miniscule pace, with the bald man now fully emerged.

“There are people crawling out of the bathroom walls and none of you are taking me seriously!” I shouted to my family who are now in the room. I tried to tell them I was stuck in a dream.

“A naked bald man? It must be one of your dreams then ey?” my dad joked. The more I panicked, the more they laughed and joked about me. “I’M STUCK IN A DREAM AND THERE’S CREEPY NAKED PEOPLE TRYING TO GET INTO THE LOUNGE AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS LAUGH AT ME”

I kept shouting, frequently peering back through the door to see the figures getting ever so closer to me.

Unable to wake myself, I ran into the centre of the bathroom, surrendering myself to my fear and only as the horrifying figures surrounded and lay their hands on me did I finally wake.

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