What is Crafting?

Crafting is a skill in doing or making something, as in the arts proficiency. It’s creating a form of art using the hands. Like fimo, painting, card making or using non-art objects to up-use them to make art out of them or make art on them like painting.

I don’t have a certain way of doing crafting; I just do it I don’t really know how. Some friends and family have come up to me and placed something in my hands/on the work space and said make something out of that, and I have. Sometimes I go back within the hour and sometimes it’s taken me a bit longer if I have needed a certain tool.

I enjoy just getting my hands active, some time I don’t even have to look what my hands are doing to do it. I’m one of these people that cannot sit still for long. If you have ever tried to talk to me you may notice i’ll be fiddling or looking around, I would not be ignoring you but I just have to constantly be doing something.

Some of my difficulties and how I get past them

What do I find difficult is actually stopping to eat, exercise, socialise and even sleep. Sometimes I have missed half my sleep from not being able to put my work down.

If I am painting I find it hard to like the first like of paint to dry before moving on to the next layer. I am always wanting to do it fast and wanting to finish it there and then as I am on the moment.

I enjoy just getting my hands active.

Sometimes I don’t even have to look at what my hands are doing to do it.

Some of the methods I craft with

  • Fimo and Modeling clay
  • Cards
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Up-cycling
  • Sewing

Have a look at some of the work I’ve done so far on my Portfolio