Microwave Cat

Project Dream Book: Microwave Cat

I was walking around with my friends. It looked like we were at Forbidden Corner. When we where at the top of the tower I noticed a cat following us up the steps. It was so fluffy and a mixture of colours: Blue, Antique Brass, Alloy orange. So, as me and my friends walked around the maze I kept on noticing the the same cat that I saw up in the tower kept on following us. I thought it was a different cat but recognised the markings and knew that it was the same cat. I thought it belonged to the maze like to make sure that there was not rats and mice running around in the public area.

Next minuet I know I was back at home it felt like a student apartment as there was my friends there. I think was adopted the cat that I saw as what happen next was hard to believe.

Someone came into the kitchen where I was making my food.

I thought I knew the person and recognised them but did not know who they were at the same time. The person was asking what I was making so I explained the type of food and it sounded really tasty. the food was cooking in the micowave.

“Where is the cat” they say looking around the kitchen “What cat?” not knowing that we kept it. I looked at the microwave to see if my food looked done and saw the fluffy cat just sitting there inside looking quick happy even thought it was getting cooking alive.

I quickly got it out and made sure it was fine. It seemed to be fine.

I was in shock myself “Did I start cooking the cat? Did someone else put it in there? Was the cat trying to kill its self ?” all these question I woke up asking myself. When I went down stairs

I had to check the microwave to make sure I did not sleep walk and put something in there to cook.

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