Free Fall

Project Dream Book: Free Fall

When I was younger and was still at school I kept on having the same repeting dream.

The dream starts off where I was walking only a bridge like the Golden Gates bridge. This is very strange as I had never been on a bridge like that one.

I got to one of the highest towers that are holding the cales together and I started to climb. I managed to climb the tower really quick and did not take a minuet to get to top. I was some how speed climbing.

When I reached the top of the tower I was just sitting on the very top of this huge bridge. While I was sat there I watched the whole world go by beneath me with out a care in the world.

I remember watching the sunset and feeling like that spot was the best like I have been there before.

Then right before the sun and the earth met to make the glimmer of green light ray across the water. I stub up and jumped off the bridges tower. I was falling, I can remember the feeling of the wind rushing past my face and the feeling of being free like it was just ment to be.

All the way down while I was falling I was just feeling happy. Right at the last second just before I hit the water I woke up with a shock.

I found out that every time I had this dream my legs started to rise while asleep and thinking of falling but when I was about to hit the water my legs would slam to my bed and wake me up. I always wonder now if my legs did not wake me up would I still be here.

“If you die in your dreams you die in real life”.

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