Water Dragon

Project Dream Book: Water Dragon

My family and I was going on a across the seven seas holiday with our own boat. We were sailing across the oceans and sea that we have done before and know how to tackle more or least anything that we come across.

One of the nights in the middel of the sea, it started to get more rougher then weexpected. We was trying to keep the boat uprigh the best as we can but it was getting more and more harder. We had sailed across the seas many of times and knew the pattons of the watter and never had any trubbel before this very night.

I saw some rocky land “Dad ovver there, we can tigh up to those rock untill the sea carlms down a bit” I was screaming through the raws and crashing of the waves.

Once my dad was able to see through the water mist he thought docking till the water calmed down a bit was the best idea.

What we did not know was that there was a water dragons home under the land. The boat started rocking more and this huge sea creature came up and started tearing at are mainsail and headsail. The dragon was trying to tip the boat over my guess would be to heat us as a snack before heading back to his slumber.

Me, My dad, Brother and Mum all tried to throw harpoons at it to scar it so we could be free. But it was not working, the sky was getting darker and darker. I stated to her rumbling (like the sound you hear when you had no food all day) and next minute there was a flash of lighting and a big bang and I awaken from the dream.

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