Maze House

Project Dream Book: Maze House

I had a dream where I was in a house it was like a maze of rooms. Everyone only had to pay once price just to get in but you have to complete the entire puzzles and all the mazes before you could leave the house. Everybody starts off in one room with these special bracelets on, the bracelets detect when that person has finished and completed the task in each room. In each room the difficulty changes, some rooms the tasks are very easy like get the ball in the hoop and other rooms are very hard like untangled piece of string but there was lots of strings all over the room.There also is some some rooms that are just tedious. I managed to get complete the first room as that was just like sign in and to wait for two minutes and then you was able to go into the next room.

The bracelet that I had on turns Green and allows you into the next room. If the bracelet not you cannot leave that room until your bracelets turns Green, if it is still red you just have to keep trying the task or puzzel until you get it right.

The second room I went into was a tedeas room I had pick a car it was like a car track, like a miniature car models and stuff going round the entire room. It was only the outside of the room that had this model car track on you pick a car and you’ve got to make this car go around the entire track twice but the track had like traffic lights on and you can’t go through the red light as you have to start again and you’ve got to go through only green light some people was trying to go through two green lights at once but kept and failing so they had to start again I was just taking my time after I’ve figured this out after three attempts so I took my time to going through each green light carefully and slowly to get round the track twice I even finished before some of the people that was in there before me, because there was just getting frustrated.

The next room was just an easy one throw the ball into the hoop. The hoop was a few feet in front of me was not even that highand I still managed to missed the first few times. I knew I would not be as good as everony eles that was getting the ball in the hoop in one shot.

There were many different rooms in this dream but unfortunately I woke up before I managed to finish the house. I am hoping to go back to this dream to see if I can finish the rest of the challenges and well happen at the end.

Analysing this dream I think it’s telling me that even if something is hard or tedious no matter how many times I try it just take my time and go slowly as I will be able to move on to the next challenge ahead just like I am struggling with my work but if I go slowly and understand what I have to do for each part I can move on to the next section which may be a slightly different challenge.

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