Balls - They control everything

Project Dream Book: Balls - They control everything

I was back at school, and had friends all around me. There was also a new guy and it was home time and we were setting off home. He was looking for a bus while I chose to save money and walk all the way home……

It was about an hours walks to home but I didn’t have any plans so started to head off. I’d never walked the route that I was on before but went anyway….

I went through a tunnel and I was in a large complex of what could be described as a lot of water slides interlinked with a mixture of air and water blasting things from one place to another. There were Balls – large tennis ball sized like Ball bearings being blasted around, and depending which route they took seemed to change the world outside.

If the were slow, the outside was calm with nice weather but if they rumbled across an area – the outside was rough.

I was told there was no control of what happened, they were just in charge to keep it going and make sure it didn’t stop – otherwise everything else would stop and that’s not a good thing.

After a while of watching, I was also on the slides with people – it was the way to get around – The balls would just pass through you and be on their way unless you chose to stop them with certain movements.

We controlled everything, including time – If the system was stopped – time seemed to stop until it was restarted. If certain areas were reversed – time rolled back and could be used again – I stopped and tried to head off……

The night finished, and I woke up back in bed… I tried to write this all down but just as it was about finished I woke up again realising I’d only dreamed writing it. Very annoying but now its done… Hopefully.

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