Attack of the Carrots

Project Dream Book: Attack of the Carrots

What I remember I started my dream out with what i can describe as these weird carrots in mini UFO’s chasing me and my family.

We were in some kind of park area like Albert Park in Teesside.

We was running away and I managed to grab one of the evil carrot’s space shuttle from underneath and was able to control where it was shooting. Using this I managed to shoot the other spaceships and destroy them.

Next thing I knew I was in this room that looked like some kind of town hall there was loads of people and tables and the way the room was set out it looked like a school dining hall. I looked around and there was loads of people there that I knew from school and college all mixed into one.

The tutor was Simon Dunn my tutor from my college in Halifax .

I was getting annoyed because I did not know what I was supposed to be drawing. I was supposed to be drawing something to do with this dream but as I was in a dream I didn’t feel like I was my self and could not draw. So I went to the loo in my dreams but I cannot calm myself down I thought to myself I better go outside and calm itself down and get some air.

Getting more and more angry and I felt like I could have killed someone at this time so when I went outside I went home but I think I wasn’t allowed out because I was sneaking past the teacher. When the teacher saw that I was sneaking out he was trying to stop me and got Olivia (a friend from my school Days) to come and get me back. Next minute I was being dragged back to class by Olivia as she was grabbing my bright orange backpack, and was strong enough to pull me back.

I was now on the ground still getting dragged on my belly, I have my big fluffy purple gloves on so I took my gloves off to get more grip so I can try and get away from her. After a while I managed to be able to drag her backwards with me and get away.

Realising in this dream I was trying to runaway thought the night in all the dreams and realised that I was trying to get away from my work as I have been working really hard ans stressing out.

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