Forest Whale

Project Dream Book: Forest Whale

I was at home doing my work and I started to get annoyed as what I was doing just didn’t seem right. I decided to go for a walk by myself as that usually helps me to calm down and get a fresh view on things. Next minute I know I found myself wandering though a forest. The atmosphere around me felt strange and a fogginess started to flow around me. I thought I should probably head back but when I turned around I could not see anything where I had just walked through.

I decided to walk straight on and after a while I started to hear a deep humming noise and it sounded peaceful. I found myself sat upon a fallen tree trunk that worked as a bridge and sat and watched two whales come together. I felt at peace and like it was meant to be.

My mind started to clear up and I started to consider what a whale could be doing in a forest? How can it breath? and was it flying? So many questions…

I awoke feeling confused and lost.

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