Bird I control them all

Project Dream Book: Bird I control them all

I woke up in this wonderful bed, but it didn’t feel like home.

Everything around me looked like home with the wallpaper and carpet rug the colours I remembered them to be but something felt different but I didn’t know what exactly. This is home yet isn’t at the same time. There was a picture on the wall of me, with a title of princess. Dad always called me princess so I thought nothing of it. I went to explore, and people kept bowing to me and saying I was special but I didn’t know why and went outside.

I wandered around the back of the house and there was a greenhouse and it looked like it had some stained glass windows. I thought, thats not normal, lets go and look some more so I went inside and there was loads of unique and mystical looking birds all around me. They just surrounded me and I knew I was something special to them. I thought to myself, am I a princess, and do I control these creatures.

I started to talk to them and found that there understood and I understood what there was saying too. After a while I found out some of the different type of birds that was in this place:
* Rain Bird
* Griffin
* Hipogriff

And there was even one or two small teacup dragons like Aeoptpera Micro

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