Fish Man

Project Dream Book: Fish Man

In my dream I was back in primary school but I was 21 and the school was like full of water. In the hall there was a giant deep water hole where this huge worm like creature lived in and if anything went in the middle area of the hall, this creature would come up and swollow it whole.

Me and this person that I have only just met in the dream, had to walk around the whole room once we was on the stage we was save the other girl was looking for the next door when I saw something in the water. So I went to the edge of the stage kneeling down and the boy appeared from the waters. He did not say any thing but I know I had to follow him so I jumped in the water and started swimming.

I was not the good swimming and could not see where he went struggling as I know I was going to run out of breath soon. Next minute I know the guy came back and helped me to the suface to get some air before pulling on hand hands and helping me swim to where he wanted me to go.

We spent a bit of time in the water and after a bit I could start to breath normally. We stopped kind of like floating there and he was looking into my eyes and I knew that we was meant to be together.

I heard a noise coming from below me which I thought was strange as was still under water. Next minute I saw a giant worm thing cooming up from the deep with its mouth open I could see all its rows of teeth. We was just floating there, it felt like we was sacrificing ourselves. I opened my eyes and found I was totaly under my bed covers.

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